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Document Management through Software - Business - Management

Document Management through Software - Business - Management

Document Management through Software by Bruce Chable
in Business / Management (submitted 2011-02-22)

EDRM is alternatively referred to as Electronic Document and Records Management. It is a type of content management system that makes use of tools that are used for record management and document management. The management of records and electronic documents is one of the prime challenges faced by most business organisations these days.

Such a records and electronic document management system is directed towards enabling organisations to manage their documents effectively throughout its life cycle, right from the time of its creation to termination. An automated system considers a particular document to be part of 'work-in-progress' cycle until the time it has been reviewed, approved and locked. Then it is considered a formal record held by an organisation.

When a document is no longer in use and thus needs to be kept as a part of the archives, then the organisation may apply the best practices for their preservation. This would determine how the second part of the cycle should be initiated. The earlier documents, however, are retained unless of course there is some event that necessitates the elimination of the records from the system. The records are finally discarded after a set time.

Some organisations make use of EDRMS software at the enterprise level. Several vendors offer electronic document management systems. Several associated technologies are used in combination with EDRM. These include:

Enterprise content management


Business process management

An electronic document management system is used to process, capture, retrieve, store and distribute the electronic documents so that various departments of the organisation can access important documents. The documents may be in the form of word documents, spreadsheets, and multimedia files. An electronic document management system comprises bar coding, workflow management tools, optical character recognition and scanning devices.

Processes that are commonly associated with enterprise document management systems are carried out with the help of electronic document management (EDM) software. This enables documents to be effectively captured and then stored as graphical images. The document management system is an effective way to create a paperless office. Such a system also allows organisations to save on office space, organisation systems and time.

Several companies claim that their EDM systems help to protect information apart from ensuring their safe storage. However, at the same time, an EDM system works best when it is combined with an online backup system. An EDRM system can:

Work as an online library that is complete with document check out rights.

Help businesses provide an effective archive management solution.

Allow documents to be stored over a longer duration without being concerned about their loss or mishandling.

Protect engineering firms that have to deal with records and blueprints and convert the documents into electronic images.

Provide automatic search capabilities that allow the user to access documents quickly.

Though every business tries to keep its record management system as simple as possible, complications arise when the business changes or grows. Therefore, it is necessary that steps for its effective management be continuously implemented to ensure its smooth functioning over time.
About the Author
Bruce Chable is a business consultant and is consulted by people when it comes to the effective management and administration of their business processes. He advises the use of
enterprise document management system for maintaining important documents.

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