Saturday, February 26, 2011

8 great #ECM blog posts from the #AIIM community expert bloggers - Part 3

8 great #ECM blog posts from the #AIIM community expert bloggers - Part 3: "

SharePoint Turf Wars - Part 1 by Russ Edelman President for Corridor Consulting - SharePoint

Regardless of whether you are fan or foe, SharePoint has firmly planted a stake in the ground and has become part of the IT fabric in most organizations.  The purpose of this blog is not to exto... read more

How to conduct a needs analysis for electronic forms by Daniel O'Leary VP, Global Solution for LincWare - Capture

One of the best ways to analyze and refine your electronic forms projects is to conduct a brief needs analysis to determine what forms are targets for optimization and which can be eliminated or... read more

It’s either Darwin or the way of the Dinosaurs by Lawrence Wischerth Records Information Manager for Healthfirst - Capture

The blogs posted here in the Capture Community focus primarily on the front side of document capture. By that I mean we blog about the “how to”; expanding document capture, increasing throughpu... read more

Learning How to do SharePoint Right by Daniel Antion Vice President Information Services for American Nuclear Insurers - SharePoint

Six years ago, I gave a presentation at AIIM Expo called “Robust Communication on a Modest Budget”. One of the 10 take away ideas in that presentation was to use SharePoint Services a.k.a WSS more

Reconciliation, Part One by Mimi Dionne Consultant for Mimi Dionne Consulting - ERM

So. Retention. Consultants may advise you to outsource your company’s schedule to a law firm.  If you have the time to do it, don’t cheat yourself. A retention schedule is still an essential... read more

Mobile capture: the hype, the truth, the future by Chris "Imaging Savant" Riley Sr. ECM & Document Capture Architect for ShareSquared Inc. - Capture

There is no surprise that the capture world is talking a lot about mobile capture.  Mobile capture is a way to boost the energy level and excitement around a technology that has clear business v... read more

SharePoint: The World's Most Impersonal Network by Marc Solomon Knowledge Planning and Coordination for PRTM 

What we value most about social networks isn't the number of friends, invites, reconnects, or diversions from the dullness of rote tasks. It's more basic that that. It's that we know where t... read more

Social Collaboration Enables Us to Help Each Other by Oscar Berg Senior Consultant, Strategic IT for Acando 

Imagine that you are dealing with a burning problem which you are not certain how to solve. You might be on to a solution, but you are not confident enough that it will work to invest your time ... read more



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