Friday, October 30, 2009

DOD open-sources more than 1M lines of code

DOD open-sources more than 1M lines of code

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alfresco Delivers Open Source Governa...



Alfresco Delivers Open Source Governance, Retention and Compliance Solution

Alfresco  DOD 5015  compliant



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First Open Source Software to Obtain U.S. Department of Defense 5015.02 Records
Management Certification
LONDON--(Business Wire)--
Alfresco Software, the leader in open source enterprise content management
(ECM), today announced the immediate availability of the Alfresco Records
Management Module, which also recently became the first open source software to
pass the rigorous U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.02 standard
certification. This module and certification enables Alfresco to extend its
cost-effective open source records management and retention tools to support the
governance, retention and compliance strategies of federal agencies, government
bodies and commercial organizations.

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compliance with #DoD 5015.02 certification

The 5015.02 standard defines the mandatory operational, legislative and
regulatory requirements that must be met by any records management application
products acquired by the DoD. With this certification, federal agencies can now
take advantage of Alfresco as a cost-effective alternative to traditional
records management solutions, which are typically priced on a per user basis. As
a result, the Alfresco Records Management Module enables simple and active
compliance across the entire enterprise.

Alfresco Records Management Module offers the following features and

* Simple Single Repository - All content captured, managed and controlled in a
single repository, enabling seamless integration with document and Web content
management tools. This avoids the need for content transfer with potential loss
of information and reduces the number of systems to administer;
* User-friendly Web-based Interface - Access to records management functionality
through a Web-based interface, enabling greater user adoption with secure access
from any location and no desktop installation; and,
* Easy Email Filing - Native support of IMAP protocol, enabling the filing of
emails from any email client, without the need to install a plugin. Alfresco
Records Management appears as a mail folder allowing users to simply file
records with drag and drop or automated by the use of email rules.

In addition, the module`s functionality also includes:

* Enhanced permissions model based on user capabilities and roles;
* Full record lifecycles based on disposal schedules;
* Support for complex transfers;
* Support for Vital Records and their reviews;
* Search, workflow and hold tools to comply with transparency and Freedom of
Information Act regulations;
* Ability to create a Hold record for legal or litigation; and,
* Saved searches to enhance user`s ability to find and manage records.

"Alfresco Records Management Module has the ability to transform the way in
which government and commercial organizations approach their governance,
retention and compliance strategies, as the open source pricing model will
significantly reduce the barrier to regulatory compliance," said John Newton,
CTOof Alfresco Software. "The DoD standard has become a benchmark for electronic
records management systems and this certification demonstrates our commitment to
delivering cost-effective technology to help organizations preserve official
records in accordance with the strict legal requirements needed to manage vital
company information."

Alfresco Records Management Module will be available for the Alfresco Enterprise
Edition 3.2 before the end of the year.

Alfresco Records Management Module will be demonstrated at the Alfresco Meetup
in Washington D.C. on October 20 -

Alfresco Records Management Module v3.2 can be downloaded from:

About Alfresco Software, Inc.

Alfresco Software, Inc. is the leader in the open source enterprise content
management market. The company couples the innovation of open source with the
stability of a true enterprise-class platform at a tenth of the cost. The
Alfresco content platform uses a flexible architecture to provide document
management, web content management and collaboration software to enterprise
customers worldwide. Founded in 2005 by a team of content management veterans
that includes the co-founder of Documentum, John Newton, and former COO of
Business Objects, John Powell, Alfresco is based in London. For more
information, please visit

Lois Paul & Partners
Susan McCarron, (001) 781-782-5767

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Presentation -- 8 Reasons You Need a Strategy to Manage Information -- Before It's Too Late - Digital Landfill

Presentation -- 8 Reasons You Need a Strategy to Manage Information -- Before It's Too Late - Digital Landfill

Revised list -- 70 #ECM #ERM and #e20 blogs to watch... - Digital Landfill

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Commenting on Telework

The work world is changing. The traditional 9-5, 40 hour a week @ an employer's location worker is changing and may soon be a thing of the past. The new world of work will feature workers who can work anywhere and be more effective and be more cost effective for the employer than the traditional worker. The employer will benefit as much as the employee and production and creativity will be enhanced. The only risk I see is the challenge of embracing change!

AdWords Agency Blog: Helping your clients "Go Mobile"

AdWords Agency Blog: Helping your clients "Go Mobile"

Report: U.S. CMS Market to Explode, Open Source is the Catalyst

Report: U.S. CMS Market to Explode, Open Source is the Catalyst

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#ARMA09: Records Management in a Web 2.0 World

#ARMA09: Records Management in a Web 2.0 World

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ethics & Competence Pete Pepiton talks with former Magistrate Ron Hedges discusses the need for collaboration and cooperation regarding eDiscovery and r
eo with you on YouTube:
This video addresses some points that we in Electronic Records Community should not loose sight of. Information Governance Talks:
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What is the concern Part V?

What is the concern Part V?

The world of Electronic Records continues to be a major concern to this writer. It is bigger than I can begin fully exhaust in this blog, but I hope that this blog will be used as a vehicle and catalyst to alert the reader to its importance and provide some resources that will in some small way help to address the many concerns which are evident when one considers the management of electronic records.

In several recent discussions of which I have been involved a lot of conversation has focused on one essential document which is the DOD 5015.3 which is essential if a vendor’s records management solution is to be considered by the Federal Government. This is one of two important documents. The two important reference documents to consider in regards to compliance requirements in the area of electronic records management are: DOD 5015.3 and ISO 15489.

What is DOD 5015.3?

DOD 5015.3 is a compliance document. This is a document used to certify that a vendor’s product will comply with requirements standards certified by the DOD or Department of Defense. Records Management solutions often consist of a variety of products and components providing various services, including workflow, document management, content management, knowledge management, store, search, retrieve, apply retention policies, etc. If the solution is DOD 5015.3 compliant it means that the requirement has been certified and are compliant with the standards indicated in the 5015.3 document.



”This Standard is reissued under the authority of DOD Directive 5015.2, “Department of

Defense Records Management Program,” March 6, 2000, (Reference (a)) which provides

Implementing and procedural guidance on the management of records in the Department

Of Defense. It sets forth mandatory baseline functional requirements for Records

Management Application (RMA) software used by the DOD Components in

Implementing their records management programs; defines required system interfaces

and search criteria that RMAs shall support; and describes the minimum records

management requirements that must be met based on current National Archives and

Records Administration (NARA) regulations.”

The ISO 15489 will be considered in the next edition of my blog.


Ken Matthews