Saturday, February 26, 2011

8 great #ECM blog posts from the #AIIM community expert bloggers - Part 2

8 great #ECM blog posts from the #AIIM community expert bloggers - Part 2: "

Getting rid of the 10016 error on SharePoint Server by Michael Doyle SharePoint Architect for Waggener Edstrom Worldwide [SharePoint]

If you are getting a 10016 error in the Application Server part of the Event Viewer then you are having Distributed COM error. It is most likely due to the NETWORK SERVICE not having the correct... read more

Don’t transform Social Network into the next inbox nightmare by Vinicius da Costa Collaboration & Social Media Solutions, A. Director for Kraft Foods [Social Business]

Whether you are leading Social Business transformation in your company or joining the bandwagon of Social Networking in your personal life, there are some few tips I wanted to share to make sure... read more

Collaboration "In Context" by Rich Blank Management Consultant for Independent [Social Business SharePoint]

I rarely if ever have used this forum to rant but let's face it....collaboration continues to happen via email.  And one of my pet peeves with SharePoint is that it lacks what I call  "collabor... read more

Good enough would be great by Joe Shepley Consultant for Doculabs [Social Business]

In the last post I talked about the importance of taking the time to clearly identify your target users when rolling out E2.0 capabilities. I also presented a high-level walkthrough of an effect... read more

E2.0 Adoption Strategy - "Hidden" Influencers by John BrunswickSenior Solution Consultant for Oracle Corporation [Social Business]

Over dinner a friend was sharing details of a new startup his acquaintances were launching.  As he told me more about the end users and their experience it dawned on me that the success of this more

The Format is the Message by Marc Solomon Knowledge Planning and Coordination for PRTM, [SharePoint

Here's a little known secret that's not so little or secretive. Most knowledge work is reformatting. That's right. No big thoughts to cloud out rebuilding that table. No mind cramps for ... read more

The Capture Bowl by Joe Budelli Senior Vice President of Sales for ABBYY USA [Capture]

Who watched the big game last weekend? What started as early domination by Green Bay, gave way to an evening of back-and-forth American football that kept fans rooting through the end, as the more

SharePoint Designer 2010 Timing | Don’t Assume Synchronous! by Russ Edelman President for Corridor Consulting [SharePoint]

Greetings AIIMers, Hope your year is off to a good start and it’s nice to be back on the AIIM blogging scene once again.  I’ve got a bunch of experiences and information I’ll be sharing with... read more



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