Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Second You Tube Video-Concerning Electronic Records Management (Part 1)

This is an outline of my 2nd You Tube video: Concerning Electronic Records Management (Part 1)

Hello everyone, this is my second You Tube video-Thank you for tuning in!

My first video I share my passion, my heart!

On This video I want to share what I do.
I work in the field of electronic records management and one of the reasons I decided that I would produce this video is because as I was looking for You Tubes on the subject of electronic record management there were few to be found.

So what are electronic records and what is electronic records management?
Electronic records are records that are produced and read by a computer and records are items that are kept for business or historical reasons.

What is Electronic Records Management or what is Records Management?
ISO 15489

Now there are three points I would like to make about electronic records:

1. One of the reasons why we should be concerned about electronic records is because there are more and more of them every moment of every day, and the demand to manage them should not be ignored.

2. The management of Electronic Records does not have to be a complicated process, in fact it can be done, and it can be fun and if done it will produce a sense of empowerment to those who make it a part of their regular responsibilities.

3. The management of electronic records is a legal requirement, and it also everyone’s responsibility.

Now in future videos I will develop these three points and delve deeper into the subject of electronic records management.

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