Monday, February 15, 2010

Benefits of an Electronic Records Application

What are the benefits of an Electronic Records Application?

This will be an ongoing list of the benefits of implementing an electronic records application.

Records will be managed according to their value to the Agency
Records will be managed properly and in accordance to rules, regulations and policies.
Records will be retained within the records program
Records will be disposed of properly and as their disposition authority indicates
Records will not take up valuable floor space which may be used for other purposes within the Agency
Documents that are not records may also be managed within the system and will be managed appropriately
Records will be easily stored, searched, retrieved and restored appropriately
Records will be accessible to authorized users and locked to those that are not authorized
Records will be organized to support access and business functions
Records will be managed through their lifecycle
Records will only be kept as long as statutory, legal, and business operations dictate
The proper management of records will mitigate the risk of the Agency being subject to eDiscovery penalties
There will be cost savings associated with storage of records in an eRecords application as opposed to storing hard copy records in various at various storage facilities
There is client and customer satisfaction because records are more readily searched and retrieved
There is employee satisfaction because work can be done more efficiently and timely

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