Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Word to Those Pivileged to Manage Words

Words are important. Words are powerful. Words are the foundations for thought and the impetus behind actions. Words are crucial and we in the Records Community should realize the value of words as well as anyone because our days are consumed with words, concepts, messages, information, explanations, and so forth and so forth. We manage them and we are tasked to implement systems and processes to preserve them.

I am writing this article with the intent that those who read will be encouraged to have an heightened appreciation for the responsibility entrusted to each of us to be stewards of words, because to know the power of words is a valuable lesson.

Are we sensitive to how we manage words? Are we cognizant of the unique responsibility we have to manage the words that originate with us, as well as those that originate with others. This subject can not be taken lightly, and I would encourage all those who read this article to take heed to the responsibility we have to be guardians of words. I am referring to words that are written, words that are spoken, words that bring joy, and words that may disrupt, words that bring hope, as well as words that bring discouragement, words that can change the course of time, as well as words that can alter ones future and beyond. At times they are seemingly so very insignificant, but are they? We are those who manage words, and this is no small order.

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