Saturday, June 4, 2011

Significant record management issues facing the records management community

Solutions to the following issues will lead to improved corporate governance through better
management of information assets.

The ten issues are:

1. The growing role of records management continues to be a
significant issue in organizational management-Unfortunately it also continues to be an issue that management hesitates to address adequately.

2. Records management's transition to the
management of electronic records and the desire to move to a
paperless office

3. The role of records management in corporate
governance, compliance, and the need to be prepared for an audit

4. Records management's role in regulatory
compliance and litigation/eDiscovery or risk reduction

5. Getting to (nearly) perfect in records retention. Scheduling electronic records according to the requirements of NARA

6. The role of electronic records retention in improved
data life cycle management

7. E-mail: Still the single biggest challenge for records

8. Cleaning out the digital closets: Records retention
and unstructured content, such as those managed in Microsoft Office environment

9. The significance of the new software solutions for
electronic records management

10.The role of records management in an increasingly digital environment. The records management challenge is intensified due to the increasingly growing environment of electronic record content on various applications. Preservation of such records is a challenge that will not be easily resolved.

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