Friday, March 5, 2010

Concerning the Findability and Reliability of Electronic Records

In this current decade we have seen more records generated than any previous decade in human history. It is a fact, and not my opinion, that the majority of this information is less reliable, less retrievable, and less accessible than ever before and this is a serious irony and records management nightmare of this modern information era.

We call this time in which we are living an age of information explosion. We could just as well refer to this age as information inundation, information overload or information tsunami. We are drowning in information, and sometimes I think on the verge of information intoxication. The big question is where this information when we need it, and the bigger question: Who and how is all this information being managed? In this information age these are questions that demand not just our consideration, but our response. It is to this end that I am encouraged and yet challenged to be involved in the management of electronic records.

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