Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Sedona Conference

From: The Sedona Conference Re: Information for Government Employees Hello, Government Employees, Thank you for your interest in The Sedona Conference. We welcome and encourage participation from government employees. The Sedona Conference® Working Group Series Membership Program offers a vehicle for those who wish to support our mission and interact with others interested in tipping point issues in the areas of antitrust law, complex litigation, and intellectual property rights. Membership in the Working Group Series allows any interested jurist, attorney, academic, consultant, or expert to participate in Working Group activities, including drafting team projects, Working Group meetings, and dialogue on current works-in-progress. Membership is complimentary for full-time government employees. As to our webinars, there is always a certain amount of free lines offered to judges, court and probation staff, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, federal or state public defenders, all other full-time government employees, and to accredited law school and criminal justice programs, on a first come, first served basis. Additionally, all of our programs offer a substantial discount for full-time government employees. Registration fees do not include travel and lodging expenses. Our website,, provides further information about our Working Group Series, webinars, and programs. If interested in any of the above, please email our business manager, Irina Goldberg, at, from your government email address. Ms. Goldberg will be able to provide government employees with coupon codes to use on our website.

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