Friday, February 24, 2012

Autonomy Records Management Suite including ControlPoint Review

Autonomy's software powers the full spectrum of mission-critical enterprise applications including pan-enterprise search, customer interaction solutions, information governance, end-to-end eDiscovery, records management, archiving, business process management, Web content management, Web optimization, rich media management, and video and audio analysis.

At the heart of Autonomy's Records Management solutions is the Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL). IDOL forms a conceptual and contextual understanding of all electronic information - structured and unstructured - and enables computers to process information like humans do by reading, watching, and listening to it.

IDOL’s advanced analytics automate the processing of this content regardless of its format, location, or language. IDOL sits above an organization’s data to perform keyword and conceptual search, speech analytics, audio and video search, and automated, intelligent categorization. IDOL’s ability to extract meaning from information through an understanding of both the content and context of data allows Autonomy to enrich extracted data based on the knowledge already held within the organization. IDOL is the common platform for all Autonomy eDiscovery, archive, information management, and information governance solutions.

Autonomy Records Management automates information governance and the retention and disposition of records by understanding the meaning of all information across an enterprise regardless of data type, language, or repository through the power of Autonomy IDOL. Autonomy Records Management can automatically create taxonomies, records categories, or file plans based on the corpus of data, import an existing taxonomy, or allow users to train the records categories or file plan so that IDOL can automatically identify content across all repositories in an organization that should be managed as records. This functionality not only solves the task of identifying records in legacy repositories, but also automatically categorizes of new content, eliminating the need to train the user in manual management processes.

Once the records are identified, the Autonomy Records Management solution can be used to apply the most appropriate retention policy based on business value, regulatory requirement or relevance to a legal matter, or a combination of these. Policies can be defined, monitored, and enforced on a global basis to comply with country/jurisdictional-specific variants in retention policy, privacy laws, and legal citations and to support global certifications such as DoD 5015.2, TNA 2002 and VERS and adherence to the requirements of standards such as ISO15489.

Autonomy has been awarded the US Federal Government’s SmartBUY contract for Electronic Document and Records Management software, enabling e-government and helping to meet the goals of the President's Management Agenda - a strategy designed to improve the management of the federal agencies.

This product is covered in much more detail in the AIIM Product Study on ERM Systems, a 200-page comparative guide to records management products from 21 vendors.

Autonomy Records Management Suite including ControlPoint Review:

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