Monday, December 12, 2011

Some initial points as you begin the project to obtain an electronic records management application!

• Establish a project team with stakeholders from various agency divisions. The team should consist of member that will be committed to the task and will work together to procure a solution that will be most suitable for your agency. • Draft a clear project plan with clear action items and deliverables. • Seek to preview and demo many solutions, but realize that even though the vendors will promise you the moon and perhaps what they have is the latest and the greatest realize that it may not be the solution for your agency. • Prioritize agency governance and ensure policies and dispositions are in order. They will probably need revising as the project unfolds. • Celebrate each accomplishment. • Maximize decisions from leadership. Executive sponsorship throughout the process is essential to the project’s success! This is a beginning and we will share more later! Wish you much success and accomplish!!!

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