Saturday, April 23, 2011

17 great presentations. Spread them around. Embed them. Make your kids watch them.

17 great presentations. Spread them around. Embed them. Make your kids watch them.: "

Sometimes it just amazes me how much good information is out there about document, records, and content -- and how often we reinvent our arguments over and over and over again.

So for all you solution providers out there, and for all you end users out there who struggle to explain some aspect of ECM or BPM or ERM to your peers, here are a ton of great presentations.

Feel free to send the links around.  Embed the presentations in your blog.  Impress your friends and relatives.  Show them to your significant other on a date.  OK, maybe not that.

Some are Powerpoint presentations.  Some are full videos.

Check them out.  And then send them around to anyone you think might be interested.

4 Wild Cards in the ECM Marketplace  

Making the Case for Document Management in Challenging Times  

How content management and E20 helped win the Presidency  

16 things I learned about Twitter in the past 2 weeks  

Email management -- the good, the bad, and the ugly 

Top 5 ECM implementation issues 

AIIM -- State of the ECM Industry  

5 benefits of ERM technology 

Inside Look: Enterprise 2.0 

How to implement Electronic Records Management   

What is Enterprise 2.0?  

Top 10 management excuses for NOT implementing document management 

What is Electronic Records Management?  

What is E-Mail Management?  

What is Business Process Management?  

What is Enterprise Content Management?    

What's in Your Digital Landfill?  

Also, if you are from an association or organization interested in learning more about these issues and how they affect your members, we can help!  We're happy to talk about coming for a keynote on these or other topics...


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