Friday, March 11, 2011

Social Media: How Are Businesses Addressing the Challenge

Social Media: How Are Businesses Addressing the Challenge: "

In a report from AIIM on how Social Media is affecting businesses and the way that they operate, the following survey findings are reported:

43 percent of organizations bar their employees from accessing social media sites
44 percent of organizations have no written policy or guidance about the use of social media
55 percent of all employees think [...]"


  1. Its true that social media affect various businesses.This post gives you the facts and figures for proving its point.Social media now become very strong and has impact on business sometime positive and sometime negative.
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  2. Social media can be an effective and powerful tool. But only if you have been using it to engage people long-term. Only if you have a history of dealing with criticisms online, and you know where people are likely to complain.

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  3. Social media marketing should be used in a proper manner as it also affects your business in a negative manner.

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