Monday, November 9, 2009

Sharepoint Philly Saturday

I prioritized the SharePoint Philly event held on 11.7.09, and I am glad I did. The event was very well attended and very much worth attending. I came away with several good points, insights, lessons learned and items for follow-up. Let me list some take always worthy of consideration, and because I am writing this blog in haste this list may have to be continued, but here they are:
1. SharePoint 2010 has features that clear up concerns of previous versions of SharePoint.
2. SharePoint is more than just a collaboration platform.
3. SharePoint 2010 features Records Management. I could not leave the event with certainty that DOD 5015 compliancy has been secured, but there was a lot of discussion along this line and it seems to be in the works.
4. Findability and Putability
5. The importance of Enterprise Taxonomy
6. EDiscovery lessons learned to numerous to mention
7. Tips on avoiding a major recurring mistake made in SharePoint deployment. The mistake: A failure to define the purpose for the SharePoint deployment. What the application is being deployed to perform and what it is not being deployed to perform.

Perhaps to be continued...

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